Recirculating Chiller Repair
High Tech Services troubleshoots and repairs all makes and models of closed loop recirculating chillers.
Upon receipt, our ACCA certified technicians perform a complete evaluation of the chiller including Electrical, Refrigeration, and Fluid Circulating system.
This is to determine the overall condition of the chiller so that we can make a recommendation and estimate of the repairs.
Once the customer authorizes the repairs we perform this work using state of the art equipment and the highest standards of workmanship.
Our technicians follow the EPA guidelines for refrigerant recovery and recycling.
All systems are leak tested using helium mass spectrometer leak detectors to ensure that there are no leaks in the entire refrigeration system.
After the repairs are completed each chiller is run through a full performance test using our 2200 watt heat load.
All critical information about the chiller's performance is recorded on our computer data acquisition system and a graphical printout of performance is available for each chiller.

Repairs and Upgrades
* Electronic Controls
* Fluid Circuit Leak Test
* Refrigerant Circuit
* CFC to HFC Conversion
* Safety Upgrades
* Quick Disconnects

Performance Data
* Time vs. Temperature Graphs
* Total Heat Load Capacity
* High Side Pressure
* Low Side Pressure
* Fluid Pump Head Pressure
* Fluid Flow Rate